Alone, the new serial!

I'm in the process of composing the first serial story to be featured on the site. "Alone" will put you in the horrors of an epic "Rapture-like" event that tears the world apart. Within such a vast world, one man has to search for his only surviving child...

Where could she have gone?

Cruising on "Fury Road"

My daughter's name is 'Madeline Maxine.'

Yes, I'm a fan...

It's been nearly 30 years since we watched as the large, blind, half naked man played that soulful tenor saxophone for Auntie Entity in "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome." Last we saw Max Rockatansky, he was taking off for the wasteland after saving the lives of those "Lord of the Flies" rip off children in that random jungle. Yes, it was a mess, but I adore the original trilogy of films by George Miller. I've seen all three hundreds of times. Watching the new trailer for "Mad Max: Fury Road," I can't believe that we're getting the chance to go back to the most fascinating post-apocalypse world ever created on screen.

Tom Hardy takes over the iconic role of a loner highway cop whose family was murdered just out of reach by a rabid motorcycle gang. Since that memorable moment when Max went from annoyed to full on "MAD" we've seen his world get progressively more horrifying. With the latest film, we find that he's living in a world of "fire and blood." This is not any place that we know. He's standing on a bluff in the desert... somewhere. He stomps a mutated lizard without a thought. This captures the mentality of this environment, "kill or be killed." There seems to be very little that isn't justified in this place. Then, he senses something. Call it instinct, as sharp as any predator. He knows that someone is coming after him.

What follows is an insane dash through sandstorms, lightning, exploding vehicles and bodies. Mad chained to the front end of a nightmare rigged muscle car. Charlize Theron, head shaved and eyes blackened, arm replaced by a robotic prosthetic. It's been said that Max has only 16 lines in the entire film, that George Miller storyboarded the entire thing rather than script it.[1] We even catch a glimpse of a ridiculously savage character we can only assume is the villain. Some research online identifies this beast as "Immortan Joe." This monster is played by non-other than the Toecutter himself, Hugh Keays-Byrne. This, with the dozens of strange looking road warriors, is shaping up to be a true sequel to 1981's classic "The Road Warrior."

"Fury Road" hits the pavement May 5, 2015.